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Why Does My Motorcycle Make So Much Noise?

Updated: Mar 13

Does your motorcycle make more noise than it should? Do you know why it happens? We are going to tell you what could be the cause of the noise on your motorcycle and try to put an end to it.


A motorcycle is one of the best allies when it comes to finding a vehicle that is capable of taking you anywhere and accompanying you in your daily life, there is no doubt about it, offering you a series of advantages that a car, for example, does not. can give you. But as always, not all that glitters is gold, since although it is one of the most comfortable and efficient vehicles, it must also be said that it can present a series of drawbacks.


Although it shouldn't be, one of the main drawbacks that we can encounter while riding our motorcycle is that it makes a lot of noise, more than it should. Motorcycle noises can be excessively annoying both for us and for other drivers and pedestrians.


But what causes that excessive noise on a motorcycle? We are going to tell you the reason for that noise and we are going to give you a series of tips that will help you put an end to it.


But what causes that excessive noise on a motorcycle?


Inspect your motorcycle

If you notice that your motorcycle is making a louder noise than usual, the first thing you should do is inspect your motorcycle and listen carefully to the noise your engine makes. When faced with loud noises on the motorcycle, your ear is your best ally, and for this we recommend that you have a workshop stethoscope, which will allow you to hear engine noises more clearly. If you still can't figure out anything, don't hesitate to take your motorcycle to the shop before it's too late and the problem has worsened.


Check valve caps and chain

When you start checking your motorcycle, we recommend that you pay special attention to the condition of the valve caps as well as the tension of the chain, since together with the engine, they are the two elements that we always find when the motorcycle makes a lot of noise.


If you feel that the noise your motorcycle makes is excessively mechanical, it is most likely because the chain has loosened tension, while if the noise is more like a ticking noise, it is possibly because the valve caps are not in good condition. Review them.


Tighten all components

This noise could also occur because some element of your motorcycle, mainly the exhaust pipe, has become loose and is not sufficiently secured. It is common, especially if it is not checked regularly, that some components of your motorcycle have become loose due to the effort and cause that excessive noise.


And if you bought your motorcycle second-hand, make sure that the tube is original, since in many cases the tubes from unofficial brands also end up making a lot of noise.


Engine too cold

There are many motorcycles, especially the older ones, that make a loud noise shortly after starting them with the engine cold, but little by little as it warms up it should disappear. This is nothing serious, but if the noise continues after a few kilometers, you should take your motorcycle to the workshop.


These are some of the aspects that can make your motorcycle make more noise than usual, and if after checking all of them it continues to make that excessive noise, you should take your motorcycle to the workshop as soon as possible, especially if you have to prepare your motorcycle to travel internationally road.

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What should you do first if your motorcycle is making a louder noise than usual?

The first step is to inspect your motorcycle, using a workshop stethoscope to listen to engine noises more clearly. If you can't identify the problem, take the motorcycle to a shop.


What are common causes of excessive motorcycle noise?

Common causes include loosened chain tension, poor condition of valve caps, and loose components such as the exhaust pipe. Non-original exhaust tubes in second-hand motorcycles can also be a source of noise.


Is it normal for a motorcycle to make noise when the engine is cold?

Yes, especially in older motorcycles, it's normal for them to make noise when started with a cold engine, but this should diminish as the engine warms up. If the noise persists after a few kilometers, it's advisable to take the motorcycle to a workshop.

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