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How Often Replace Brake Pads?

Updated: Mar 13

You probably know what the brake pads on your car or motorcycle are, but do you know when and how to change the brake pads?


One of the most important elements of any type of vehicle, regardless of whether it is a car or a motorcycle, are the brake pads.

We know it, and that is why in this post we are going to tell you how often the brake pads should be changed, or at least they should be changed, to ensure that your vehicle will brake perfectly, and avoid any possible scare during driving, which could put your safety at risk.


So if you are worried about your safety on the road, and until now you have not given your brakes the attention they deserve, take note and find out when to change your vehicle's brake pads.


How often do you have to replace the brake pads?

In both motorcycles and cars, it is a fact that the brakes wear out over time, and although it is indeed difficult to define an exact period to change the brake pads, throughout this post we will guide you to give a series of recommendations for changing pads on motorcycles and cars that will be of great help to you.


Changing the brake pads will vary mainly depending on the driving style of each driver, having to differentiate greatly between car or motorcycle brake pads.


When to change the brake pads on your motorcycle?

The first thing you should know is that every time you press the brake lever or pedal on your motorcycle, the brake pads wear out a little more, so there will come a time when you will have to change them, both for your safety, to prevent the brake discs from being damaged. You can do it yourself with a few basic notions about basic motorcycle mechanics, or if you prefer, go to a specialized workshop.


Focusing on how often the brake pads are changed, as we have mentioned previously, it will mainly depend on the driving style and the way each person brakes. Therefore, it is important that after approximately 10,000/15,000 kilometers, you begin to pay attention to the condition of your brake pads.


It will not be difficult for you to check the condition in which they are, since the brake pads have wear indicators, which when they are no longer visible, means that the pads must be changed urgently.


You can also be guided by the noise, since when the brake pads wear out, an unpleasant noise usually occurs every time you brake, caused by the collision of the pad with the disc.


You can also be guided by the noise, since when the brake pads wear out, an unpleasant noise usually occurs every time you brake, caused by the collision of the pad with the disc.


How often should we change them?

We could say that this is a million-dollar question, and the truth is that there is no single answer. Experts say that for proper use, they should be changed every 15,000 kilometers, but as we have already said, everything will depend on each driver, the type of car, the environment, etc. It is not possible to know exactly how many kilometers the brake pads should be changed.


Here you must also keep in mind that you will almost certainly have to change the front brake pads before the rear ones since they tend to wear out more quickly.


Luckily, most modern cars include warning lights that tell us when we need to change the brake pads. If this light comes on, you must go to your mechanic as soon as possible, as it will mean that the useful life of your pads is about to come to an end.


If your car does not have this warning light, there are a series of symptoms that will indicate that you should renew the brake pads:

  • The brake pedal is harder than usual.

  • Vibrations appear when applying the brake.

  • You need to press the brake pedal harder than usual.

  • Loud noises or squeaks when pressing the brake.

  • The wheels lock during braking.

How to replace motorcycle brake pads

Changing the motorcycle brake pads is something that is not complicated, as long as you have some knowledge of mechanics, and you have the appropriate tools for it: a set of socket wrenches, pliers, an Allen wrench, and a large screwdriver. quality.


Our first recommendation is that you completely disassemble the caliper, to clean it inside and eliminate all the dust that adheres to the inside, since otherwise the new pads would not fit properly.


To remove the caliper, you must first remove the screws, which usually have an Allen size between 8mm and 12mm.


When removing the brake pads, they are usually held by a pin, which you will need pliers to remove. When you have removed the pin, take the opportunity to clean it using sandpaper, thus making it easier for the pads to move without problems.


When you are going to put in the new pads, you must make sure that they are identical to the old ones, otherwise, they will not work for you. You will have to introduce them in the same way as the previous ones, always with great attention and care.


With the new pads in place, you will only have to insert the pistons, for which you will need a large, high-quality screwdriver since they are usually quite hard.


If this whole process is very complicated and you think that you will not be able to carry it out yourself, as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” We recommend that you take the motorcycle to your trusted workshop, and there they will change the motorcycle's brake pads quickly and professionally, guaranteeing the best results.

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When should you start checking the condition of your motorcycle's brake pads for wear?

It's important to start checking the condition of the brake pads after approximately 10,000 to 15,000 kilometers.


What are some signs that indicate the brake pads on your vehicle need to be changed?

Signs include a harder brake pedal than usual, vibrations when applying the brakes, needing to press harder on the brake pedal, loud noises or squeaks when braking, and the wheels locking during braking.


What tools are needed to change motorcycle brake pads, and what is the first step in the process? To change motorcycle brake pads, you'll need a set of socket wrenches, pliers, an Allen wrench, and a high-quality large screwdriver. The first step is to completely disassemble the caliper for cleaning.


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